Grow Up.

Leave behind the marketing and practice management "services"...for a solution that actually WORKS. We'll help you build end-to-end programs to permanently solve your marketing and practice management challenges.


Custom Marketing and Business Solutions (that actually work)

If you lead an established firm looking to take your marketing into the digital age, or you are an advisor just starting out on your own, or perhaps you are somewhere in between, we have a program just for you. Our field-tested systems and tactics are ideal for any fiduciary looking to grow their business into a powerhouse of success and stability.

Brewer Elite

Our Elite program is the premier marketing & sales program for fiduciary financial advisors with less than 100MM in AUM.  It’s broken down into intentionally structured and sequenced learning “Modules” to deliver maximum impact. We find the best results come from a combination of strategy, information, and implementation that CANNOT be fully outsourced for firms with under 100MM in assets. Our goal is to show you how to unlock your internal motivation, find your voice, pick a niche and attract your ideal prospects on-demand.

 Marketing Strategy and Implementation

  • Comprehensive business blueprint and growth strategy
  • A multi-platform marketing strategy to drive 3-5 qualified weekly leads with minimal daily maintenance. (Most advisors average 1-2 new clients per month)
  • A content and audience building strategy to become a thought leader in your niche or local market
  • Sales training and scripts to increase conversion rates
  • A referral system that goes against everything you’ve been taught

 Specialized Coaching

  • Personalized Strategy and Orientation Consultations with the Brewer Consulting team
  • A focused one-hour call to select a niche market for your practice
  • 1 Hour Weekly Group coaching call with Patrick
  • 90-Day Coached Acceleration Group to fast track your success

 An Engaged Community

  • Ongoing access to Private Mastermind Facebook Community where the Brewer Consulting team and fellow participants consistently address questions related to marketing or other business-related issues
  • An discounted-rate invitation to domestic and international mastermind events at an additional cost for fast-growing firms
  • Assignment to a “Growth Pods” upon graduation from your Acceleration Group.  These mini-masterminds are designed to push you outside your comfort zone and hold you accountable to build the firm you desire

 Ongoing Support

  • Access to Brewer Consulting team through email with 24 hour guaranteed response time
  • Access to the Brewer Consulting creative team to help re-design your website and marketing collateral/content at an additional cost
  • Access to experts who are leading fields like Compliance, Video Marketing, Productivity and systems, and much, much more

Ideal for advisors with under $100mm AUM that want to add 1-2 new clients per month to their practice with consistency.  After implementing the content and awareness strategy advisors have been able to attract upwards of 5 clients per month. This program is appropriate for those who understand the value of building a strong brand and online presence to shift the attraction of potential clients from active to passive.

Program Includes:
Module 1: Laying the Foundation — Rethinking your business
Module 2: Crafting Your Message and Strategy — Creating a brand that resonates
Module 3: Setting Up Your Technology Stack — Using software and social platforms to boost your sales
Module 4: Building the Human Connection — Using organic content and video to build your brand
Module 5: Creating the Attraction System — Marketing Funnels that Actually Work
Module 6: Becoming an Authority on Facebook

Brewer Tactical

Building a firm past $100MM in assets is no small feat.  You could stop there, but there’s something inside of you telling you to keep going.  You want to have an impact. You want to build a practice that has significance. 

But you’re not comfortable with using bait and switch tactics, pushing products, or using aggressive sales techniques. You’re searching for a marketing system to communicate your value proposition naturally and organically, one that differentiates you from the product pushers and salespeople. And most importantly, you want this system to passively start conversations with people that are already interested in what you have to offer as a fiduciary financial advisor.  

That’s why we we built a system to separate you from every other advisor in the industry. We call this system Brewer Tactical.  It’s a multi-platform marketing strategy designed with one goal in mind – to turn you into the most respected financial advisor in the local market, or in a particular niche.  (As a side-effect you will attract a lot of qualified clients).

Using our Tactical System you will no longer have to explain your value proposition in the sales meeting. Prospects will already know who you are, what you stand for and how you can help.  You will magnetically attract people that agree with your perspective and push away those that have a transactional mindset.  

And the best part is, you don’t have to lift a finger.  We handle all of the copywriting, design, strategy, tech integration, video production, advertising and implementation.  After spending 2 days at our headquarters in Austin, TX you will have a complete marketing system to build a firm of significance.  A firm with lasting impact.

You’ll be freed up to do what you do best — help people realize their dreams — while leaving all the details of your marketing needs to the experts.

The best solution for advisors with over $100mm AUM who are looking to become an authority in the local market or for a particular niche.  We designed this campaign to add 3-7+ clients per month to your firm.

Program Includes:
Two day in-person workshop One-on-One with the Brewer Consulting team in Austin, TX to reinvent your entire marketing strategy.
– Fully developed multi-part online sales funnel to turn you into a thought leader for your selected niche or local market.
– Monthly strategy call with Patrick to discuss campaign performance.
– Firm-wide implementation of Tactical strategies to ensure consistent messaging and delivery.
– A dedicated team of expert financial markets to execute the advertising, re-targeting and content strategy.
– Landing pages, email sequences, videos, lead magnets, and much, much more

Brewer Scale

The advice industry is changing.  Large firms are getting larger. Clients are expecting more from their advisor.  Operating margins are being compressed. To survive the change, advisors must build a practice that delivers a consistent client experience.  Most advisors realize this but they don’t have the time to address it. They create workflows, test new technology, and tweak processes, but it’s not enough.  

We created Brewer Scale to solve this problem.

Our team of operations consultants, technological optimists and practice management specialists have built a turn-key system that automates the delivery of your client experience.  It includes a best-in-class technology stack (with negotiated prices), automated workflows, operating manuals, one-on-one consulting, and more. As advisors ourselves, we realize that client experience is living, breathing and constantly evolving.  Our team is committed to iterating and refining it over time, so you don’t have to.

We have 3 levels of coaching and implementation guidance available for the Scale program.

Level 1 <50mm in assets
Level 1 gives you all the information you need to automate your practice and deliver a consistent client experience.  Instead of one-on-one coaching, you will be placed in a group of 8 motivated entrepreneurial advisors. This group will be lead by an experienced Brewer Consulting Implementer who will help you move through the material each week.

Level 2
>50mm in assets
With Level 2 you will be given a dedicated virtual coach that will work with you for 6 months to implement all aspects of the Scale program.  Weekly meetings with your coach will include help with workflows, setting up automations, migrating technology and more. One-on-one coaching allows for more customization of program processes to your firm.

Level 3>100mm in assets
For larger firms we offer a more personalized approach.  The Brewer Consulting team will fly to your office for 2 days and create a strategy for implementation.  We will create custom workflows, processes and content specific to your technology stack . You will work with one of our principals for 6 months to make sure that the methodology has been effectively integrated.

The best way to find out which level is best for your firm is to schedule a call.

Program Includes:
– Structured implementation of workflows, automations and pre-written content using Trello and Kajabi
– Step-by-step explainer videos to train advisors/staff and help with adoption
– “Swimlane” workflow diagrams that show a timeline for who is accountable for each action
– Advanced Zapier integrations to maximize efficiency and automation

– Specialized coaching delivered by practice management experts trained in the Scale methodology
– A best-in-class technology stack (with negotiated rates)
– A commitment to ongoing improvements as our industry and technology evolve