The Death of Lead Generation

By April 16, 2018Marketing

Your job might just be growing out from under you. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the number of Financial Advisors is expected to increase more than twice as fast by 2026 (15%) in comparison to other occupations (7%). If you weren’t already feeling the heat of competition, you will be soon.

As an advisor, you’ve undoubtedly figured out it’s essential to get your offer in front of new prospects on a regular basis. You may have even hired marketing firms to produce leads for you, only to be disappointed with the results. Lead generation techniques are a dying breed. Here’s why, and how you can combat the change by shifting  your marketing mindset with content creation at the forefront.


  • Focus on quantity, instead of quality, forgetting the Financial Services industry is a relationship business
  • Don’t provide any context, so you won’t know what message attracted a prospect, what they are looking for in a relationship, or needs you could meet.
  • Are no more effective than a cold call.
  • Lead to Initial meetings that are time-consuming and overrun with objections.
  • Quickly accumulate inefficient and unnecessary costs.


  • Generates warm leads who know who you are before you talk to them.
  • Helps find your ideal client type so your phone calls are more productive.
  • Ensures you and your business will be taken more seriously as a brand.
  • Helps you be seen as a qualified expert who offers value.
  • Leads to initial meetings with fewer objections.
  • Doesn’t have to be expensive.


Content that allows you to build trust with prospects by emphasizing how and why you are different from your competition is classified as awareness content. It could include a video, written article, email, or social media messenger introduction. Your prospects will typically view content via a computer or mobile device. If used correctly, these types of marketing can cause your ideal client to want to build a relationship with you, even without you asking for it.

Here are three easy awareness campaigns you can start creating today:

  1. A Short 60-90 Second Intro Video
    • State your philosophy and beliefs
    • Explain why you are unique and different
    • Help the viewer see why they need to work with you
  1. Educational Articles or Videos
    • Provide basic knowledge for a variety of topics that apply to the ideal client
    • Demonstrate your expertise on a topic relevant to your audience
    • Convince your prospect that they need you to be on their team to reach their financial goals
  1. Create win-share interest.
    • Tell the story of small wins for your business and clients
    • Articulate client appreciation for your service
    • Highlight industry credibility; such as a spot on a local radio show

The goal of all your content should be for it to clearly tell the story of who you are as a human being. Your prospect should be able to relate to you and see you a fellow human who can guide them to the future they desire. They should seek to have a connection with you because you have proven to be a trusted individual.

As you begin creating awareness content, you will become more efficient. Watch the feedback you get to learn what works for your target client type. As you do, the idea of prospecting becomes less overwhelming.

Stop funneling energy and money into the dying lead generation methodology, by creating awareness you will be harnessing technology to efficiently and effectively attract new clients for years to come.

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